Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard

DECK:  The deck construction is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar.  It’s a unique design allowing our electrics to be incased within the deck.  It’s strong yet light.  Deck length: 43 inches/111 cm. Wheel base: 32.5 inches/82.5 cm

TRUCKS: Evolve Super Carve with quality bushes.  These trucks are unreal and can be tweaked according to ability – designed for those who love to carve.

WHEELS:  MBS RSII hubs with Road Slick Tires

WEIGHT:  Approx. 23lbs / 10.5kg

MOTOR:  350 Watt (700 Watt max output) 5500RPM custom brushless motor


SPEED:  Approx. 22 mph (35 kph)

MOTOR CONTROLLER:  Custom designed high current wireless Bluetooth motor controller, very smooth and quiet with stepless acceleration and braking.

NOISE: The board is very quiet.

REMOTE: An ergonomic hand held remote design with reverse function and battery indicator.

BATTERY/RANGE: Custom designed 36 volt 10ah lithium polymer battery with a range of up to 16 Miles (25km) – this is riding mostly on harder surfaces with little speed changes. Carbon fiber and kevlar battery cover. Recharge time is 4-5 hrs. Drop your recharge time to 2.5 hours with the Super Fast Charger.

ACCELERATION: Stepless throttle for complete control over speed from slow to fast.

REGENERATIVE BRAKING:  ABS firm & smooth braking providing power back into the battery with maximum control over speed.

LOAD: Up to 100kgs

Please note before buying – please read the warranty policy for the carbon deck.