Carbon GT All Terrain

Deck material: High-grade custom moulded carbon fiber & kevlar

Deck length: 40"/102cm 

Deck wheelbase: 33.5"/85cm

Trucks: Black GT Super carve 306mm/12inch width.

Wheels: Evolve 7” All terrain wheels for the All Terrain. Black Evolve GT 97mm for the Street. 

Motors: 3000 watt high performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motors.

Bearings: Abec 9 Evolve Speedballs precision bearings.

Battery: 36v Lithium Ion battery with custom BMS

Recharge: Approx. 4-5 hours with standard charger (Optional fast charger 2.5hrs).

Weight: 9.5kg/21lbs (All Terrain). 7.9kg/17lbs (Street)

Range: Approx. 30km/18.5m (All Terrain). Approx. 50 km/31m (Street). Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style. 

Top Speed: Approx. 36-42km/ph, 22-26mph depending on tire size, rider weight, battery voltage and terrain.

Regenerative Braking: ABS firm & smooth braking providing power back into the battery with maximum control over speed. Has the ability to bring you to a complete stop if required.

Noise: Minimal noise

Acceleration: Smooth stepless acceleration from slow to top speed.

Remote: Digital LCD screen remote with speed indicator, trip function, 4 speed settings, Battery display, wheel and gear settings and diagnosis screen.

Max Load: 100 kg / 220 lbs.

Terrain: Smooth and hard surfaces ie tarmac, bitumen, concrete for the Street. Any hard or compact surface ie tarmac, bitumen, concrete, short grass, dirt, uneven and poor terrain surfaces for the All Terrain.

Slides: Yes for the Street. No for the All Terrain, unless on gravel or grass surfaces.

Hills: Up to 25% gradient in GT mode (insanely STEEP!)