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Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard Normally? and Other Questions

Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard Normally? and Other Questions

If you are considering buying an electric skateboard, there are so many questions going to your mind, and understanding how the board works are super important! Evolve is a brand made for riders, by riders, and below, we answer some of the common doubts that skaters have about electric skating. 

Can you ride an electric skateboard normally when the battery runs out? 

The great thing about Evolve electric boards is that they turn into standard skateboards when the battery dies. You'll be able to propel yourself to your destination with ease as you glide down the road. 

However, that is not a common thing as the Evolve electric skateboards have the maximum power & range, allowing you to ride your board for longer! In most cases, you want to make sure to get the full-sized battery for your GTR to get maximum range, but you should also know about the travel batteries. The GTR Standard Battery will take you a massive 31 miles on street wheels and 19 miles on all-terrain tires. The GTR Travel Battery will let you travel 15km with your street setup and 10km on your all-terrain tires. 

If you need to charge it along the way, don't worry! Evolve GTR Series come standard with the fast battery charger for maximized ride time!

  • The GTR Standard Battery will charge in 4 - 5 hours;
  • The GTR Travel Battery will charge in 1.5 - 2 hours.

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Can you ride an electric skateboard normally if I'm a heavy rider?

Too much over this weight limit can result in the board losing its torque and straining the electronic components. However, the Evolve Hadean Series, with carbon deck,  is great for heavy/tall riders.

In the video, we talk about the differences a few extra pounds make to your board's performance. 

Can you ride an electric skateboard normally when it's raining? 

No, we do not rate any of our boards to be water-resistant or waterproof. Riding in wet conditions is very dangerous due to slippery surfaces and can put stress on the wheel bearings and motors, not to mention you get wet and dirty when riding. 

In our latest GTR Series, we have made every effort to seal up the electrical enclosures to prevent water from getting in when being caught out in the rain while riding. This has been tested in a water chamber and revealed that no water penetrated the casing. The seals on the boards are dependent on the correct installation process, and as such, sealing abilities can vary. Even though we have taken this extra effort, the boards are not waterproof, and water damage is not covered under warranty.

Can you ride an electric skateboard normally on the sidewalk?

Always obey and check the local road rules and other applicable laws in your area for where you can ride. Don't ride on busy roads with line markings as this is dangerous to yourself and other road users. Electric skateboards for commuting are the newest addition to the personal transportation classification, and the laws are different in each country. Check the regulations in your area!

Can you ride an electric skateboard normally on any terrain?

Off-road electric skateboards and all-terrain tires are a big part of the reason Evolve skateboards are so popular. Asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, dirt tracks, BMX tracks, bumps, mounds, berms, you can ride an Evolve electric skateboard anywhere.

We recommend checking which wheel you will use in each terrain. Evolve boards are the only brand in the market that offers a street conversion kit and all terrain conversion kit, so you can have the best of both worlds!

Can you ride an electric skateboard normally on any terrain

If you have any other questions about the Evolve Skateboards, get in contact with our local customer service team ☎️🧑‍💼 🖥️ 

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