5 Top Tips for Buying an Electric Skateboard

5 Top Tips for Buying an Electric Skateboard

Choosing the right electric longboard for your needs can be a tricky and time-consuming process. There are many factors to consider before buying an electric skateboard, so you want to ensure you make the right choice in the first instance.

To make this process a lot easier for you, we listed 5 top tips for buying an electric skateboard: 


1. Understand your needs

It will come as no surprise that choosing the right electric longboard is critical to your enjoyment when riding it. Having the perfect electric skateboard for your lifestyle will be the difference between having an e-skate that gives you the richest experiences of your life versus a board that is only collecting dust in your garage.

Buying an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are designed for a range of different riding styles and needs. It's up to you to choose what features are most important. If speed is key, then a street electric skateboard may be best. If riding long distances is your thing, then a board with more range is most appropriate. If you prefer a board that you can use daily to go to work, consider a lighter board or an all terrain for a smooth ride.


2. Set high expectations

Quality personal mobility devices are here to stay, and they are useful and fun to use. However, not all electric longboards are created equal. In the last decade, the industry has grown massively, and there are many electric boards out there that are far from the ideal of a quality carving machine. It is up to you as the rider to demand the best.

What you feel when you ride an Evolve electric board isn't something you can put on a spec sheet. Many riders get the wrong electric skateboard because they only consider the specs and not how the board feels under their feet. 

 electric skateboard is the best carving machine

3. Think long term

You can expect that a high-quality electric longboard should last for years with regular maintenance. We strive to stock components and parts for many years after each release. If you’re not sure what part you need, don’t hesitate to contact your local Evolve support team for assistance.

Evolve has more than ten support centers worldwide, servicing over 50 countries, including the US. No other company in the electric skateboard industry has a service network like Evolve. There are many ways that you can contact us: face-to face in-store, email, live chats, phone, or through social media. We have a YouTube channel with dozens of tutorials, weekly video updates, and an engaged community on social media - 
Evolve Skateboards USA Facebook Group.


4. Check warranty coverage

Talking about after-sales support, warranty plays an important part in the decision-making process. Buying an electric skateboard is a considerable investment, and with a warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase is worth it. At Evolve, we offer 12-months warranty, and our customer service and service teams are based in Carlsbad, CA.

Buying an Electric Skateboard


5. Read other riders' reviews

When looking for the best electric longboards for your needs, do your own research and consider other riders' reviews so you can get a clear idea of what to expect of the board before making the splurge. 

If an electric skateboard ordered doesn't perform like the product advertised on the website or exceed its expectation, riders will likely write a board review about it.


Extra: You'll get what you pay for!

Compare apples to apples: the old saying works for electric skateboards too. Building a good and reliable electric skateboard with quality components is not cheap—no wonder the best companies in their industry make massive investments in product development. 

Evolve builds all components from the ground up, not just slap off-the-shelf products together. Our quality control process is refined and done by real riders. Our team takes all measures possible to ensure you're receiving a premium board. It will give you peace of mind that you have the best board under your feet. 

 Buying an Electric Skateboard

Common questions about electric longboards:

How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go?

How fast an electric longboard goes depends on riding style, terrain, rider weight, and inclines. On average, Evolves' board top speed varies from 22mph to 31mph, depending on the model.

 How Fast Does An Electric Skateboard Go

How Long Does An Electric Skateboard Battery Last?

The boards' range depends on battery size, wheels, and riding style. At Evolve, we test our boards to give you 'real world' specs. In a single charge, a battery can last from 10 to 40 miles, depending on which board you choose. 

If you are thinking about how long a battery lasts before it needs replacing, it'll depend on what type of battery your board has and the conditions of use and storage. For the ultimate performance, be sure you maintain your battery as per the instructions in your user manual or in our FAQ.

Tip: to get the most out of your electric longboard battery, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and leaving them fully charged for months.


Where Can I Buy An Electric Skateboard?

You can buy an electric skateboard in the USA: 

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