Everything You Need to Know About Bushings For Electric Skateboards

Everything You Need to Know About Bushings For Electric Skateboards

If you're into electric skateboarding, you've likely heard about bushings and their impact on the ride experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of skateboard bushings, breaking down what they do, the best options for your skateboard trucks, how to choose the right bushings, installation tips, and addressing common issues like squeaky bushings.

What Do Bushings Do On A Skateboard?

Bushings play a crucial role in making your electric skateboard's turns smoother. These small urethane components connect to kingpins with nuts, and their tightness, combined with the bushings' hardness, influences the overall ride quality. To simplify, think of bushings as the elements that determine how responsive and smooth your skateboard will be when you make turns.

Best Bushings For Skateboard Trucks?

The Evolve Super Carve truck is equipped with double kingpin pivot joints, a feature that sets it apart from regular skateboard trucks with only one kingpin pivot joint. This design allows Evolve boards to execute much tighter turns than standard boards, providing riders with the sought-after sensation of gliding on an endless wave. The versatility of the Evolve Super Carve truck opens up a world of possibilities for riders to customize their ride, giving a smoother experience like no other.


What Skateboard Bushings Should I Get?

Choosing the right skateboard bushing set depends on your preferences and riding style. For optimal high-speed stability, our technicians recommend tightening the rear trucks slightly more than the front. This setup helps enhance turning capability while minimizing the risk of wobbles. If you notice a bushing is too tight and bulging out, it's an indication that you may need a harder compound. Conversely, if your bolts are too loose, leading to inadequate bushing support, opting for softer ones might be the solution.

bushing for skateboard guide

To simplify the decision-making process, reference a chart to guide you in finding the ideal setup for your electric skateboard. Additionally, the kit often includes riptide pivot cups, made from an internally lubricated urethane formula, ensuring a responsive and quiet ride. Understanding the roles of board-side barrels and roadside cones in pressure distribution and turn initiation is crucial. It's advised to avoid using vastly different durometers within the same truck to maintain a balanced and enjoyable ride.

Bushing Options

Soft - 90A & 92A

Carve For Riders Under 80Kg

Super Carve For Riders Over 80Kg

Medium - 92A & 95A

Stability For Riders Under 80Kg

Carve For Riders Over 80Kg

Hard - 95A & 98A

Super Stability For Riders Under 80Kg

Stability For Riders Over 80Kg


How To Install Bushings On A Skateboard?

Installing and maintaining your skateboard bushings is a crucial aspect of ensuring a consistently enjoyable ride. Over time, these components may soften, requiring adjustments for optimal performance. Using a 14 mil spanner, adjust the nuts on the kingpin to achieve the desired tightness. Keep in mind that you have two adjustments, allowing for further customization.

Periodic cleaning is essential to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and debris around the bushings. Disassembling the trucks, cleaning the components thoroughly, and applying lithium grease to the contact surfaces and pivot cups will contribute to a smooth and quiet ride. To guide you through the process, refer to a comprehensive video tutorial outlining step-by-step maintenance.


How To Fix Squeaky Bushings On A Skateboard?

Squeaky bushings are a common issue caused by grit and debris getting stuck in the components. To address this, disassemble the trucks, wipe away any debris, and regrease the bushings using lithium grease or any suitable alternative. Ensure that you also address the pivot cups during this maintenance process.

Understanding and optimizing your skateboard bushings can significantly enhance your riding experience. From selecting the right bushings for your trucks to installing and maintaining them, this guide covers everything you need to know. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner, mastering the nuances of skateboard bushings opens up a world of customization and ensures a smoother, more enjoyable ride on your electric skateboard.


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