5 Most Common Questions About Electric Skateboards Answered

5 Most Common Questions About Electric Skateboards Answered

If you're wanting to spend time outdoors, get into a new hobby, or avoid using public transport an electric skateboard could be the best solution. 

In the last five years, has been an increasing range of electric skateboard models out there that cater to everyone, from the weekend warriors to the more serious commuters.

As with any trending technology, buying an e-longboard can be an overwhelming journey. We've answered 5 of the most common e-skate questions in this article: 


The difference between Carbon and Bamboo: bamboo electric skateboard vs. carbon fiber electric skateboard

Evolve bamboo and carbon electric skateboards are mostly similar. The electronics, range, and performance are the same (within each series). Therefore, the only difference is the deck material, which affects how you feel when riding it.

The skateboard bamboo deck is flexible. It absorbs the impact from the ground, kind of like suspension, giving you a smooth ride. It feels more like a traditional longboard, more natural. These boards are perfect for beginners wanting to progress their skills.

Carbon fiber electric skateboard is stiffer when compared to other deck materialsIt offers stability when riding off-road or at high speeds but can be trickier to maneuver. Evolve Skateboards invented the first carbon electric skateboard in 2013, and since then, it has revolutionized the entire industry. 

Common Questions About Electric Skateboards Answered 

What is the difference between a street electric skateboard and an off-road electric skateboard?

Choosing your skateboard wheel will affect range, and the terrain you can explore.

Street wheels give the highest top speed and the longest range as they have minimal rolling resistance. They are perfect for smooth paths and roads but can be a little rough on bad-quality surfaces.

Having proper pneumatic tires, usually named off-road or all-terrain tires, make the ride more comfortable and dramatically increases the grip. What you lose in top speed and range, you make up for with the ability to skate off-road and on sketchy roads. The pneumatic tires have extra room to absorb impact, leaving you with a smooth feeling, almost like you're gliding. We recommend off-road tires for beginners as they provide a gentle learning curve and instill confidence in the rider. For experienced riders, they let you push the limits of where you ride and how hard you do it.

The best thing about the Evolve boards is versatility. You don't need to limit yourself between street or off-road electric skateboards. Evolve has 2in1 boards and conversion kits, so you get the best of both worlds with the all-terrain and street setups!

 Common Questions About Electric Skateboards Answered


What Are The Best Skateboard Street Wheels?

Evolve has a variety of street wheels available, and you're probably wondering which one is right for you? Here's a little insight:


Evolve 97mm Street Wheels

You can't go wrong with our 97mm Evolve GTR Street Wheels. These are a 76a urethane compound designed and made in California by the guys who make some of the best skateboard wheels in the world. They're specially designed to maximize speed while maintaining a soft and grippy ride experience.


Orangatang Caguama 85mm Street Wheels

If you're after a smaller street wheel with 3 different compound options, check out Orangatang's 85mm Caguama range. Blue (77a) for something soft and grippy, orange (80a) for an all-rounder, and purple (83a) for extra strength for aggressive riding or sliding.


Evolve/ABEC 107mm Street Wheels

The Evolve ABEC 11 F1 107mm wheels are our premium street wheel! The size will offer you maximum top speed, while the soft compound will ensure your rides are kept smooth and plush.

 Common Questions About Electric Skateboards Answered


What Are Skateboard Wheels Made Of?

The compound is the hardness of urethane in skateboard street wheels. The higher the number, the harder the wheels' compound/durometer.

  • Lower durometer wheel = softer wheel and adds more grip (e.g., 74a, 107mm ABEC/Evolve)
  • Higher durometer wheel = harder/stronger wheel slides more easily, and it is best for aggressive riding (e.g., 83a, 85mm Purple Caguama)


What Size Skateboard Wheels Should I Choose?

The size affects the top speed and torque.

  • Smaller wheel = lower speed + faster acceleration/torque (e.g. 85mm Orangatang Caguama Wheels)
  • Larger wheel = higher speed + slower acceleration/torque (e.g. 107mm Evolve ABEC 11)

EXTRA: Do The Electric Skateboards Have Reverse?

There is no reverse function on our boards. Just turn around and kick push ;)

Do you have any other questions? Reach out to our friendly customer service team 👇


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