Gas vs Electric Skateboards

The thrill of zipping up and down hills with the wind in your hair is hard to achieve with a push board.  With the help of an electric or gas powered skateboard, you can carve uphill and enjoy more riding than pushing.  However, if you’re looking to make the switch, you may be having a hard time choosing between a gas or an electric skateboard.  There are several pros and cons when deciding.  Here is a guide that will help provide you with some more information and knowledge before you make a final decision.   

Gas Powered Skateboards 

Gas powered skateboards are powered –you guessed it –by gas.  Simply add fuel and you can experience a fun and easier ride than your normal push board.  Created for riders seeking the extra adrenaline or those looking to commute, some gas powered boards can reach up to 25mph and travel up to 20 miles or more on a tank.  You can start some models with a simple pull.  Navigate through busy streets and get to your destination quickly.  As cars become more expensive and you want a fun way to get to work or school, gas powered skateboards continue to be a viable option on the market. 

Electric Powered Skateboards 

Electric powered skateboards are another alternative to finding a board that’ll allow you to take on steep hills, navigate to class or work, and much more!  Plus, they’re easy to power.  Simply charge your board in an outlet where you would normally charge your phone or computer.  While you are riding, some boards even recharge as you brake.  With a gas board, you’ll have to pay for gas (and prices can fluctuate) meaning that it can get expensive.  Planning on taking your board with you to class or on public transportation?  Gas boards are typically really heavy and bulkier, making it difficult to easily maneuver in hand or carry around.  Electric longboards are usually a lot lighter and slender in build, making it a perfect option to take on a bus or train without taking up too much space.  They are also cleaner for the environment.  When you desire the power of a motorized skateboard but want it to be portable and cost efficient, go electric. 

While gas powered boards can offer some cool features, electric powered skateboards boast far more efficient and eco-friendly options.  You can check out our inventory of amazing Evolve motorized longboards for sale here!   


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